Refining the question

I started off by focusing on something that interested me personally, which was human sexuality and whatnot, but I feel like it was too difficult to tackle. Since, I swear I’ve changed directions like a million times, but I finally feel like I have a defined path. I feel like I’ve been running around like a headless chicken for months, I think I still kind of am. Also I suck at technology so doing this on a laptop sucks, since all my research is done with pen and paper and cba to retype it all right now.

My starting point revolved around the body and self esteem, and my final goal was primarily to defeat boundaries in the expression of our own sexuality. Initially, and probably understandably, I thought I’d just create a photography exhibition featuring different images of people, portraying different approaches to their own sexuality. I still don’t think it’s a bad idea, but it was just too straight forward, not original enough, and just not deep enough.

I then tried to focus on education, in order to defeat the root of the issue, which is the way the we are brought up believing that we should fear our own bodies instead of embracing them. Once again I think it was a good idea, but just too difficult to execute, it would be complicated to see what sort of content could be shown to what type of audience, which schools and parents would be okay with it (probably none tbh ahha) and how effective it would actually be. I don’t really know the psychological impacts of a child being exposed to sexual content, no matter in what capacity, so I really wouldn’t wanna get myself into that party.

My question as it is right now is-

How can body expression and dance therapy liberate us from our mystified conception of sexuality?

It’s going to have to change again. On Saturday I hit another eureka moment as I figured out what sort of intervention I wanted to do. I really want to go deeper into the emotional aspects of movement, I think that is what interests me the most. I feel like I’m slowly parting away from my original idea of sexuality as it is so broad and such a grey area. I love the concepts of dance therapy, but I don’t want to make my project some sort of therapy deal. The research I’ve done has focused primarily on how dance therapy has helped a variety of victims of trauma to reconnect with their bodies in a way that allowed them to express certain emotions that were either concealed or extremely painful to articulate. I think this concept is truly the key to my intervention- the reconnection of the mind and the body. Not in like a spiritual sense or in a “lets go on a retreat and fast for ten days sort of deal”, but more in a dude lets go fuckin dancing so you can let it all out, whatever it is that you’re feeling.

My question thus now is therefore- How can people reconnect with their own bodies and better their own self image through the principles of dance therapy and movement?

Based on this new question, I created a whole new intervention. I’ve had the opportunity to meet a variety of dancers because of my new job and every time I speak to them they speak of the act of dancing with such intense passion- one of them said something that really stuck with me- “the stage has never disappointed me”. It urged me to think of how I could convey those feelings to an audience, as a way of inspiring everyone to feel as passionately as she did.

Salim and I have a similar vision for what we would like our intervention to look like, that’s why we have decided to collaborate. We plan on filming people whilst they dance in different locations in London- he is going to focus on the reaction of others whilst I am more interested in the feelings that those who are dancing describe. Compiling it in a video is my best attempt at portraying what they feel and for others to understand it easily, but most importantly to feel encouraged by it.