Cara Courage and placemaking.

Yesterday i attended a talk given by Cara Courage, head of the Tate Exchange on placemaking. The way I understood it was a form of gentrification trying to incorporate the soul and essence of a certain place, to preserve identity yet give the locals of an area amenities and facilities that they might be lacking. I found it quite interesting and although it wasn’t directly associated with my field of research, I had a very nice conversation with her afterwards, where she took my email and promised to send me a reading list on environmental psychology, as well as recommending I look Jonathan Chapman as an artist that could compliment my research. She also took my email so hopefully I’ll stay in touch with her, as she said it would be lovely to have environmentalism as part of Tate Exchange 2019.

Curiously, there was a CSM fine arts graduate at this talk as well, who I had a wonderful conversation with as well. She has a studio in tower bridge and she does drawing performance, which is honestly insane. I’m trying to figure out how I could use this as a tool of awareness, I will go visit her as soon as we’re both back from Tenerife.

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